Art and Seek Spotlight – Russ Sharek

I cannot be more grateful for the opportunity to have been interviewed as part of this collection of creative people in the North Texas area.

I do have a concern about these sorts of personality pieces, however.

They stress so much on “what I do/did” to get here.

The simple truth is that I’ve *none* of it alone. Every project is the result of a collaboration, a partnership, a deal made between passionate creatives wanting to make cool stuff happen.

One thing I’ve learned in this adventure is that there is no such thing as a soloist, and I’m the first to sing the praises of everyone who has helped me stand for a moment in the bright lights.

Sadly, a lot of those stories (and named mentions) didn’t make it to the final cut of the interview.

So, with that in mind, thank you for the help and enjoy *our* victory lap of the moment.

About the Author

Russ Sharek I've been described by reliable sources as a zen fool, benevolent supervillain, misanthropic community leader, clown father figure and Impish Cabaret Rasputin.