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“La Belle et la BĂȘte” now in the Internet Archive!

Russ Sharek as Le Bete - photo by Ed Steele

Marie Martin’s wistful toy piano rendition of Peppina’s “Beastly Beauty” has been accepted into the Internet Archive! The song was original part of the Hitrecord project, and our involvement there allowed us to use it as part of a contact juggling clown performance. It’s now a permanent part of our repertoire, and a slightly more permanent part of history thanks to accepting the upload.

Listen Now:

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Befriended by elephants

Endangered Ark Foundation

Endangered Ark Foundation

The Circus Freaks would like to thank the Endangered Ark Foundation for giving us an increasingly rare chance to spend some quiet time with some amazing creatures over the weekend.

The organization hosts a sanctuary for retired and rescued circus elephants, and allows groups to meet them up close. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know an elephant, we can’t recommend it enough!