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Art and Seek Spotlight – Russ Sharek

I cannot be more grateful for the opportunity to have been interviewed as part of this collection of creative people in the North Texas area.

I do have a concern about these sorts of personality pieces, however.

They stress so much on “what I do/did” to get here.

The simple truth is that I’ve *none* of it alone. Every project is the result of a collaboration, a partnership, a deal made between passionate creatives wanting to make cool stuff happen.

One thing I’ve learned in this adventure is that there is no such thing as a soloist, and I’m the first to sing the praises of everyone who has helped me stand for a moment in the bright lights.

Sadly, a lot of those stories (and named mentions) didn’t make it to the final cut of the interview.

So, with that in mind, thank you for the help and enjoy *our* victory lap of the moment.

"Today we’d like to introduce you to Russ Sharek."
Voyage Dallas

Check out this online interview with our boss clown!

Off to Clown School!

The Clown Gym
The Clown (and then) Gym is on a brief hiatus…our clowns are off to clown school for a week!

Due to their absence, we’ll be closed this Wednesday (10/24) and next Monday (10/30).

Normal shenangans will resume November 1st!


Kintsugi Magazine - Sept 2017


I was recently interviewed as part of a virtual question and answer session hosted entirely on an open source social network called Mastodon.

The resulting interview was collected (along with some terrific photos by local friends) into a new online anthology called Kintsugi Magazine. The entire process was coordinated transparently over Mastodon, and I remain fascinated by how well creative minds can play nicely together when they have a common goal.

The rest of the magazine is fantastic, with original art, words, and ideas from all over the world.

Like the network which inspired it, Kintsugi Magazine is entirely free, and is available to download in ebook form from their website.

About Kintsugi Magazine

Kintsugi is a project organized and put together through social media, mainly the Mastodon network. The contributors have not met in person or face to face. Our aim here was to show that people can do good and put together something unique and different. We wanted to encourage others to come forward and do the same.