The Creatives

Recently I was invited by Dallas photographer Kent Barker to become a part of his personal project, a photo series called called The Creatives, which he describes as…

…an aesthetic document of a wide swath of creative people within the DFW metroplex.

It’s a fascinating look at both his amazing work, and how people can play together at the highest level in order to create something wonderful.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend a rainy afternoon with Kent, swapping stories and making silly faces for his lens. Here’s his final selection from the shoot, which will soon be gorgeously printed and join the other Creatives in his collection.

"The Creatives: Russ Sharek" photo by Kent Barker

A call for help with #clownspotting

I’m beginning work on some much needed clown PR, in hopes of getting a sane voice out there to offset some of the insanity that’s been in the news of late.

I’m starting locally, and I’d love to hear both publicly and privately from clowns in the DFW Metroplex*, specifically on productive ways we can do some good.

*and beyond, as amazingly that’s already happening.

If you are a clown, reach out now.

If you know a clown, please put them in touch with me.

If you’re a fan of clowns, help me start by posting some positive things on social media using the #clownspotting hashtag. We need a unified voice that shows the value of the work clowns do.

If you’re afraid or dislike clowns, I’m sorry you learned that lesson. I’m sorrier still if one of our ranks did something specifically to inspire that fear. If you’d like to talk about that, I’d be interested in hearing your perspective as well.

Please reshare this post. We need all the help we can get.