Camera Backlog

I just discovered some wonderful new video editing software. To celebrate, I’m slowly working my way through a small mountain of footage from recent shows.

These will be more formally posted soon, but for now enjoy!

Meet the Paper People

2016-08-17 The Paper Man

Class photo, including a trio of paper people, from a recent experimental movement workshop I taught at the Bath House Cultural Center.

In one session these talented performers brought three living, breathing, and dancing paper puppets to life.

Afterwords we dissected everything that happened, and found new perspectives on applying it all to physical theater and clown.

It was a grand (and admittedly risky) experiment, and I am both thrilled and grateful to have such amazing students to lead me through learning how to teach these concepts.

I’m still sifting my notes and formalizing the structure of the workshop, but I’m excited to have a new teaching method to explore.

Third time’s the charm #EVILpie2016

I taught a few of my workshop students the fine art of pie throwing. At the end of the workshop, I let them take a few shots at me in return.

It took three attempts, but they finally got me. 🙂

NOTE: This was a workshop which included an extensive safety lecture. Please do not try this without proper training, and NEVER pie an unwilling or unwitting participant.