The Open Stage

After four-and-a-half shenanigan-and-magic laden years, the Open Stage has finally come to a triumphant conclusion. While the curtain may have closed on our final Monday night performance, the spirit of what we have created together lives on in a legacy of new projects, interesting opportunities, and an international community of performing talents.

On behalf of everyone involved in the project over the many years of its run, thank you!

The Final Open Stage

The Open Stage

A Variety Show and Performer's Playground

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Stand-up comedy by giant rabbits?

Flying Penguins?

Zombie acapella?

Hula hooping opera singers?

Stripping poets?

Picnicking under a stilt-walking tree?

It’s tough to out-weird a “typical” night at the Open Stage

A weekly fusion of cabaret theater and improvisational exploration, the Open Stage is a mad place where musicians, thespians and circus freaks come to play.


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