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The Open Stage

A Variety Show and Performer's Playground

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Stand-up comedy by giant rabbits?

Flying Penguins?

Zombie acapella?

Hula hooping opera singers?

Stripping poets?

Picnicking under a stilt-walking tree?

It’s tough to out-weird a “typical” night at the Open Stage

A weekly fusion of cabaret theater and improvisational exploration, the Open Stage is a mad place where musicians, thespians and circus freaks come to play.



Monday Nights at Celebration Event Center

Celebration Event Center

2165 W Park Blvd
Plano TX 75075

$10 Cover, 21 and Up

Doors open at 7pm
7pm – 8pm : Pre-Show (featuring the Bret Crow Pre-Show)
8pm – 9pm : Open Stage Performances
9pm – 12am : Performer’s Playground

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